“Your imagination is a preview of life’s coming attractions” – Einstein

This quote has inspired Penelope for a long time. She read it on a bookmark and has always remembered it. Penelope has always been creative, she grew up in an artistic family where something was always happening - projects ranging from home renovations to 3D animation.

Although she, too was a creator it wasn’t until it came to the crunch of her HSC Visual Arts major work that something clicked and she realised she was a photographer. Grabbing 5 rolls of Ilford black & white film Penelope ventured out to her fathers parents farm where her eyes and imagination were nourished with lush photographic opportunity. Her camera and feet followed.

Penelope went on to study photography and flew with the evolution of darkrooms to ‘digital darkrooms’ and film to memory cards. Even though Penelope’s passion remains for that old musty room where light and chemistry which made creations possible - She can still capture that moment, when inner most feelings come out to breathe - and still embrace the new digital world.