Nina says of her work “I do love being alone in the landscape; walking, sitting, thinking, feeling and absorbing it. More aspects are revealed the longer one looks, actual, imagined or desired. To look and simply breath is my meditation and is becoming a cherished luxury.

I also enjoy drawing en plein air, however I use these scribbles essentially as a spring board and the initial observation tends to shift in the studio. Through the cycle of application and rubbing back and application again the painting eventually takes on its own life. The original landscape I had observed is reinterpreted and an emotional energy is generated during the process. This reinterpretation is evident in the colours, textures, abstractions and all the subtle decisions I make. The original moments of contemplation are suggested in my recent larger canvases of uncluttered spaces and atmospheric colour.

Recent new experiences have given rise to new challenges which have directly informed this body of work. Certain moods that I experienced on becoming a mother and living in new and unknown landscapes emerged. The colour choices and abstractions reflect my internal state of mind. Frustration, panic and ultimate calm is at the core of each painting as the process was fraught with external and internal factors and emotions. At times my relationship with the landscape is less contemplative! The simple act of digging, splashing, being covered in sand, dirt, mud, water, snot and sunscreen with my young children. This physical primal response to the landscape is reflected in the gestural marks on several works. Fast, impulsive and confident marks, like that of a childs.

Master of Art Administration
2000-02 College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Bachelor of Art Education
1992-96 College of Fine Arts, University of NewSouth Wales, Sydney, Australia

Solo Exhibitions
1996 Pet Shop café, Orange.
2013 ““Seed and Drift””, Jayes Gallery, Molong NSW