I make art because I love it.

The notion that you can create something from nothing, build a legacy and possibly make a difference, is mildly addictive. People ask me what 'type' of art I make and I tell them I'm not really sure. I think the reason for this is that my work comes from a space in-between the conscious and subconscious mind, it exists in the quiet shifting thoughts between the two.

I like to observe how our environment compliments us and sometimes destroys us. Then Vice-Versa. How do we as a society continue to question our existence. Or are we in too much of a hurry to notice. I make art as a social commentary about the world in which we live.

Its vulnerability, its tangible sadness and obvious aversion to honesty. How truth is unravelled and hot glued back together, to make us unsure of what was right in the first place. How the freedom that came with being an online society, walked hand-in-hand with the yearning for a simpler life. No preservatives. No additives. 100% Certified Organic. How people never change until they see the need.

I'm always experimenting with different mediums and surfaces.

At the moment I like to use gouache, charcoal and graphite, spray paint, oils and ball point pens. My work can either be really precise or really messy. They always have a story. I strive for my work to be courageous and hopefully gracious.

2014 Norman Lindsay Gallery - Life Drawing Summer School

Solo Exhibition
2013 Feature Artist at The Naked Bud, Bathurst

Group Exhibitions
2013 Something Special, Jayes Gallery, Molong
2013 BRAG Art Fair, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, Bathurst
2013 Winter Warmers, Jayes Gallery, Molong