Marian’s studio was once a butcher’s shop at the front of her mud brick home in the small, quiet country town of Manildra.

Before graduating to a graphic artist, Marian worked at show card and ticket writing.

Marian began painting horses professionally in 1986 after having paintings published on the covers of Australian Arabian Horse News and also Arabian Horse Express 1993 (USA).

Marian’s works are all over Australia and she has become well known for specialising in paintings of Arabian horses. She has paintings in the USA, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia.

Since 1990, Marian has produced, for the Arabian Horse Society of Australia, multimedia artworks that are used for promotional material nationally and internationally.

Using photographs to paint her commissions, combined with her talents using different mediums, Marian can add imagination to her work to create a truly stunning painting.

Marian works with matte acrylic on watercolour paper, also pen and ink, pastels and oils.

Marian says she paints Arabian horses simply because they are her passion. She tries to capture that special look and beauty that every Arabian admirer, owner and breeder knows they have.

To create each horse as an individual with the ability to portray their beauty, energy and power in her paintings, Marian’s love for horses comes through in all her paintings.