Born in Sydney in 1948 to Australian artist mother and American photographer father, Judy didn’t ever consider any other career path; both her adult children have chosen artistic careers. Judy is a Sydney-based professional exhibiting artist and printmaker and is a member of the Friends Art Group and the Australian Society of Miniature Art. Judy draws inspiration from huge skies and sandhills, mountains, rocks and rivers, breaking waves and trees (especially trees and their off-spring, leaves). They all evoke a response in her and generate the creative urge. She prefers the wild and untrammelled, the untouched, and therefore travels to specific locations in search of material, to work.

Judy works on paper in a variety of media -painting water colour landscapes and leaf studies; drawing trees in pen & ink; printmaking: etchings, also mostly trees, and oil-marbling, a free-form method of Judy’s own design; making miniature books; and photography.

Her spheres of interest are numerous. She studied violin as a mature adult and began orchestral playing in 1982. She has played with the Balmain Symphonia (orchestra-in-residence at Macquarie University) since 1992 and is also their Artist-in-Residence. Judy has long been interested in and influenced by the art and culture of Japan and China and to this end studies Mandarin and carves “name seals”.

Judy’s work has earned her many prizes. She exhibits in commercial galleries, competitions and collections in Australia, the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe. She gives demonstrations, holds workshops, and is a watercolour tutor at Kuringai Arts Centre.

Graphic Design at the National Art School, NSW

2010 “Burnt Hills and Wild Woods”, Jayes Gallery NSW
2012 “Broadarrow Ambling”, Jayes Gallery NSW