James Shand lives, in the Central West, of New South Wales, Australia. James was fortunate to be trained, by a complimentary group, of professional, practicing artists. Neil Cuthbert, Tim Winters, Victor Gordon, Gabriella Hedges and Alan Sisley, among other practising artists. James said; "the teachers were guides through a difficult, stuctured process, of learning how to think and work, as an artist."

After completing an Advanced Diploma, James returned to Orange TAFE, for a year of Residency, in 2007. In 2009, he moved again, to research full time, and paint, for four years. This was the most difficult period. To develop and progress, an individual understanding and practice. In early 2010, the large format, 'thrown' technique, on "ground paintings" began. It developed, from a necessity, to paint, in the open air. The theory and practice progressing daily. James said, "there was no where, to escape the heat in summer or the cold, in winter. In summer you would paint in the heat for six hours, then drive to town, to rehydrate, in a cafe, then go back and work, till it was dark. Winter was difficult, he said,"with the cold freezing your hands and back, and the Acrylic needing to dry, before the temperature drops". The painting, then hung over a rack inside. He said, its similar to, "hanging" meat. The canvas can re-stretch, to its appropriate form, and the paint cure. That was risky, as too many layers, could slide off the canvas. James said, that period, had to be a continuous learning process, to "nail" a resolved, understanding and practise.

While the conceptual research continued, and new paintings could begin. James said, "once a painting is done, you cannot go back. The concept is always changing. There are always the puzzles to solve, as you work through a painting." Some are simpler now; to re-establish, the co-ordination of concept and practice. You know the process, but instead of working through the difficulty. These days, it's a more careful, 'tweaking', of the final layers, as the process has changed. James said, "There are a million paintings you could do. You focus on what your mind, wants to do, we can use our minds, our hands, and our body's, to make expression. The art, can encapsulate the meaning, of who we are culturally, our thinking and behaviour. We are marking our time. Creating an everlasting vision, for ourselves and others."

All Saints
B.A. Charles Sturt Design
TAFE Western, Orange, NSW Painting, Neil Cuthbert. Printmaking, Tim Winters. Theory, Alan Sisley & Victor Gordon.
2007 Residency, Orange TAFE
2005 Fine Arts, Advanced Diploma Distinction in Painting
2001 B.A Charles Sturt University, Design

2004 TAFE art prize finalist Sculpture, Distinction in Painting.
2001 TAFE art prize, Semi finalist