Eris Fleming is a regional artist whose work reflects the bright Australian outback and the richness of the characters that live there.

Born in Inverell in 1943, Eris grew up in Northern NSW and attended boarding school then on to studying medicine at the University of NSW, Sydney. He graduated in 1966, but after several years, left the profession and moved to a 200 acre farm near Bathurst to pursue a career in the arts.

His works are a celebration of bush culture and all that it represents. He unabashedly paints the vibrant colours of the landscape that he loves. He has a keen eye and finds the eccentricities of everyday life.

He says of his work “Memory plays a crucial role oin my painting - probably the most important single thing. Marc Cahgall said “As is your nature - so is your painting” …. And it follows that as is your nature, so is your recollection and memory”.

Well known throughout regional Australia and into Sydney, Eris continues to work solidly and exhibit regularly.