Artist Statement
Sorting through the experiences of any trip is to me like cruising for treasures to long for - or bring home - at a foreign antiques and bric-a-brac market. Some memories stay in my head and others are given a reincarnation. This collection of paintings is my keepsake from the adventure of cycling Umbria and hiking by Lake Como. By carrying my tin of pencils and ink for the journey and using the local water(s) to float my colours I created this take-home experience. My little paintings have their own life now and one of them may be the treasure you are looking for.

Certificate lV Design (2005)
Advanced Diploma Fine Arts (2008)

2005 - 2016 Freelance graphic design; photojournalist and stylist for national interior design magazines; book design; photographer and lifestyle writer.

2005,06,07,08 Orange TAFE
2008 and 2009 (Solo) Jayes Gallery (TBC)
2011 Orange Regional Gallery "100 miles"

TAFE State Medal - Design; Certificate lV 2005

Business activity
Boutique Photos and Design