Born in the UK, from an early age the creative direction of Alistair’s work was nurtured and inspired by the visual concept of the natural world but it was his extensive travels in Europe which developed his interest in the effect light had on the landscape through impressionism.

After arriving in Australia in 1978 his style continued to evolve through the sheer beauty, vastness and intense colours of the landscape and through interaction with local artists.

Continuing to be influenced by impressionism he tries to capture the energy, mood and feeling of light on the landscape. Whether painting on location or in the studio, predominantly in oils, he continues to experiment.

In seeking new directions, his current work exudes a more expressionist style which aims to capture the human figure’s feeling, movement and sensuality. This he achieves by paiting with a stick or palette knife and working predominately with ink on paper or acrylic on linen he creates abstract images allowing the viewer to individually visualise and formulate their own meaning of the work. The addition of building texture and form into his work expands the dimensional element of the image.

Alistair has now exhibited in Singapore, Australia and England, which has resulted in his work being hung in private collections in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Canada and England.